Welcome to Akwaaba Restaurant's website.

Akwaaba Restaurant is an African restaurant in Minneapolis that  specializes in the West African Cuisine. It has a wide range of menu options for everyone familiar with the West African Cuisine  including Fufu, Kenkey, plantine Attieke, Cassava, Cassava leaves, Tobogui sauces, palm butter, okra sauce, peanut butter sauce, Jollof rice, pepper soup and more.  

Akwaaba is working to keep you in touch with West Africa through its food options. There is no better place to be for West African flavors in Minneapolis than Akwaaba Restaurant. Come and experience our west African flavors. Akwaaba will make you feel like you are in West Africa.

In order to avoid long waiting time, we recommend that every group of 10 persons or more call few days ahead before coming.   Our staffs will be happy to help take your order ahead. 

Please check our contact page for detail